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Astrology the philosophy of Ancient India

An Astrologer cannot change your destiny but he can guide you to choose your proper destination. He is the man who can be your best friend at your worst time.


Astrology is the most heart touching part of the Vedas

An Astrologer maybe your best friend who can correlate the experiences of your past with your present and balance your future.


Astrology: One click can change your fortune

Astrology is the logical approach to calculate the impact of celestial bodies on the living Earth. It is only your karma that can change your destiny, and he is The Astrologer who can guide you to choose the Karma.


Signs of Zodiac

Know about your Rashi Retails, General Characters, Positive and Negative aspects, The predictions made by our Premium Astrologers for you.
And exclusive Remedies and Tips for your Rashi.

Meet The Acharya

Astrology is a discipline learned and practiced by many eternal spiritual seekers from the ancient era of our human civilization. Nowadays there are also many astrologers who continue practicing astrology as a discipline. Our very own Mr. Santanu Dey is a renowned and respectable name in the field of astrology. As a lifelong student of Mathematics, Physics, Education, Computer and Astrology, he always seeks the harmony between nature and the human being, life and matter to material and spiritual quest.

Santanu Shashtri

What Do We Do ?

As an avid fan of mathematics he has a natural inclination towards calculations. The universe astounds him always. And the stars, he always wants to explore not only through his material eyes but also through his spiritual consciousness.

His sincere thoughtful astrological calculations and theories like the Concept and Application of Overlapping Theory in Astrological Prediction, Planetary Propagation and Planetary Activation, a tabular representation of astrological data named "Astrolosys Table" and many more amaze us.

As an astrological enthusiast he has established Rrishibani Institute of Vedic Astrology to teach astrology in his unique logical way.

Astrology means to him the guidance and healing by which one can accomplish his or her material and spiritual desires. He believes in the ultimate wellbeing of everyone and everything.

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RRishibani services will guide you to achieve the best destination that destiny has designed for you to feel the happiest part of life.

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Palm Reading 1505

Palm Reading 1505

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Match Making 2500

Match Making 2500

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Vastu Visit 15005

Vastu Visit 15005

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Love Horoscope 1505

Love Horoscope 1505

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Know about your Rashi Retails, General Characters, Positive and Negative aspects, The predictions made by our Premium Astrologers for you.
And exclusive Remedies and Tips for your Rashi.

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Rrishibani is the best team of Learned astrologers, Who Have dedicated themselves to provide you the maximum astrological support

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What Our Client Say

We always try to support our clients to achieve his goal in life, so our clients feel proud to share their experiences with RRishibani

Chirayata Chatterjee
Anindita Banerjee
Mala Nayak
Tathagata Kar

“Recommended person to consult in distress.His prediction is more than accurate which i felt.As per his guidance,now i am preparing further.”

Chirayata Chatterjee - Customer

“I came to know Santanu Shastri through my brother, Arijeet. He has a scientific approach towards analysis of natal charts. I liked his way of discussion with his clients. Wish him many more miles of success.”

Anindita Banerjee - Customer

“I was very happy interacting with Mr Santonu De. He is a great listener with empathy. He has been very supportive going out of the way to meet our needs. I would definitely consult him again in future.”

Mala Nayak - Customer

“Hello everyone, Every word mentioned in this paragraph is true and are my honest opinion regarding my very recent consultation with Sri Santanu Dey. Firstly, I would like to congratulate and thank Sri Santanu Dey for rejuvenating the basic concepts of astrology and efficiently utilizing them for the welfare of mankind. The story starts with a midnight phone call to him when I was just devastated with all sorts of problems related to career, economic crisis etc. He patiently listened to them and performed a preliminary analysis without even mentioning about payment (this is very rare these days). But since my horoscope was bit complex and out of the box, he had to go for a extreme deep analysis to churn out the exact cause of my trouble. I would say he was very successful and his analysis with predictions are slowly proven to be highly accurate. Astrology is just not about predicting the future, its a guideline for a better life and a support to endure the hardships. Santanu Dey is just brilliant and an amazing human being; the way he has supported me through my tough times is just unthinkable. I can vouch for him and I wish him all success. with sincere thanks- Dr. Tathagata Kar”

Tathagata Kar - Customer